Black German Shepherds For Sale


Black german shepherds for sale

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Large black and red German Shepherd puppies for sale from black and red German Shepherd breeders offering both black and red long coat German Shepherd puppies for sale as well as traditional black and red short coats..”Wiese” is the German word meaning “Meadow”, thus our name. This particular site, Top German Shepherds, is all about our incredible line of all black German Shepherd dogs stemming from the world famous all black German Shepherd V vom Salztalblick..ALL BLACK Female puppies born . Ready . Join the waiting List now! Like and Share our NEW FaceBook page Enjoying our new location in the Kansas City Area..Fleischerheim German Shepherds offers the Finest Large SchH VA, Black Red German Shepherd Puppies for Sale for more than Years View our Pups Today!.German Shepherd breeders offering German Shepherd puppies and German Shepherds for sale. Focusing on dogs that are healthy, straight backed, sweet tempered, intelligent and calm..West German Shepherds, trained German Shepherds for sale. Zwinger Von Himmel German Shepherd pups ands for sale…You’ve come to the right website if you are interested in old fashioned German Shepherds, cl.ic German Shepherds, German Shepherd pups, big German Shepherds, black German Shepherds, white German Shepherds, German Shepherd dogs for sale, German Shepherd pups for sale, German Shepherds in California, German Shepherds in North Carolina, West .We have healthy German Shepherd puppies for sale, check out our available litters to find the next member of your family! We are a small German Shepherd kennel in the high Rocky mountains of Colorado owned and managed by Linda and Les Smith..Vom Hundhaus German Shepherds in Tampa Florida Breeds and Trains German Shepherds, See ourGerman Shepherds puppies for sale..Trained West German Shepherds for sale. Our Program Produces Top Qualitys, Puppies, Youngs and Schutzhund Trained andled German Shepherds. World ClTrained German Shepherds For Sale, Breeder, Imports, puppies,s..

Lots of pictures and information for breeding oversized large german sheperds bred for the family. Mid west and Iowa..Large German Shepherd breeder in Pennsylvania, focusing on oversized dogs for sale with intelligence, good temperament, impressive size. Extensive health testing. Short coat and long coat puppies available..TOP Breeders of Germany’s Finest Bloodlines Dei Precision German Shepherds is a small Canadian kennel, breeding with absolute TOP proven German bloodlines, producing EXCELLENCE in conformation, with sharp focus on the workability of this outstanding breed..Kesyra German Shepherds is a small hobby kennel breeding two or three litters each year of sable or black and gold German Shepherd puppies. I try to breed as closely to the ‘breed standard’ as possible however I will never compromise temperament and health for ‘fashion’..”A well oiled machine”, the “Dynamic Duo” and “the perfect team ” all of these have been used to describe the backbone of Victory German Shepherds, Ken and Kathy Tank, who.Working German shepherd puppies for sale in Texas. Black and sables German Shepherds for IPO Schutzhund, SAR, rally obedience. Health tested through OFA and pennhip..German shepherd dogs for sale, german sale shepherd, black german shepherd,.We only breed German Shepherd dogs and puppies to improve their temperament, health and conformation. Our German Shepherds are health screened, DNA tested, OFA or FCI certified hips and elbows, have strong bones, big heads and rich colors..West German Shepherds, trained German Shepherds for sale. Zwinger Von Himmel German Shepherd pups ands for sale..Von Buchmann German Shepherds, aka Michigan German Shepherds, is not a kennel. We just love German Shepherd dogs and puppies, they are family members to us..

Von Buchmann German Shepherds, aka Michigan German Shepherds, is not a kennel. We just love German Shepherd dogs and puppies, they are family members to us..Breeder of all popular and rare colors black and red, black and tan, sable, solid black, solid white, silver, silver sable, black sable, liver, panda and blue German Shepherds with .Shiphra German Shepherds is an Ontario breeder of only the finest German Shepherd Puppies. We are a small select German Shepherd breeder producing strong, healthy, stable German Shepherd Puppies from world champion bloodlines, for family, show, sport, or companion dogs..The German Shepherd is one of the most versatile dog breeds in the world. They are strong willed and highly intelligent with a very playful spirit..Vom Issam Haus is a German Shepherd breeder located north of Toronto Ontario. We offer Purebred German Shepherd Puppies For Sale..All of our very special large boned red and black German Shepherd Puppies for Sale have excellent health and temperament for family companions including small children and security protection..Antilli German Shepherd Dogs, breeders of quality German Shepherd Dogs, Near to London and based in Surrey in the South East of England, we breed from fully health tested German Shepherd Dogs and breed sable and black and tan gold GSD puppies for show, working or family companions..Vom Dinaburg German Shepherds is one of the top German Shepherd Kennels in the United States. We uphold a strong belief that German Shepherds are the most versatile breed of dogs..GERMAN SHEPHERDS High Quality German Shepherd puppies for sale in Waynesville Ohio . phone email [email protected] to our Homepage House Barrett where we raise and train Long Hair German Shepherd Dogs also known as Long Coated German Shepherds, The breed, kennel, litters, puppies, puppy, gallery, For sale, dog, Our dogs, New pictures, Testimonials.

We are German Shepherd dog breeders in Southern California who love the breed and are dedicated in maintaining the breed standard. German Shepherds are the watchdogs of all dog breeds..All our Puppies come the German Way Puppies with famous pink papers! We are the only breeder in Florida, where the US born puppies get the famous pink papers from Germany the guarantee for excellent performance bred German Shepherd Puppies..Narnia Kennels is a working German Shepherd Dog kennel located just minutes south of Highway in South Western Ontario. Narnia Kennels is a Canadian kennel specializing in working German Shepherds, with sound bodies and stable temperaments..Hannah is a qualified dog trainer and has been involved with German Shepherds for nearly years, she uses her dog handling skills and knowledge to rear well rounded, confident and sociable puppies..We breed German VA V and SCHH IPO bloodline, German Shepherds in Wisconsin. All of our dogs are either directly from Germany, or have one or both parents grandparents etc. from Germany..DDR East German Shepherd Breeder in M, family, personalistance and working dogs,Von BarrenBerg German Shepherds, Years, M.,New England ,Boston, Norths..Airline Shipping Available Also. Kolenda Kennels is a Professional German Shepherd Breeder and is one of the very few Professional German Shepherd Breeders that makes Breeding German Shepherds their full time career, to insure that we are available for our German Shepherds and clients..Reputable German Shepherd Breeder Oklahoma . German Shepherd puppies for sale. Black and Red German Shepherds. Import german Shepherds. Schtuzhund…ted Appaloosa Horses and Rare German Shepherds including Snow White German Shepherds and Black and Silver German Shepherds.Black and tan female left. Mom is sable and dad is large long haired black and tan. Pupp Westminster, Maryland German Shepherd .

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