Ddr German Shepherd Size


Ddr german shepherd size

Fileirluka Krosandra  Jpg Wikimedia Commons

Fileirluka Krosandra Jpg Wikimedia Commons

This line of German Shepherd has a reputation for being handsome! They have the kind of look that requires a second take! Although also bred for their beauty, this German Shepherd type is .Like every German Shepherd should, they also make phenomenal active family pets. DDR EAST GERMAN WORKING LINES Developed after World War from the remaining war dogs, the DDR East German dogs were maintained strictly by the government of East Germany..This is one of the purest examples of the old blood DDR that is available today. His genetics are true to type purity. This specimen has it all!.East German shepherd dogs, alsoed DDR German shepherds Deutshe Demokratishe Republik , tend to have dark pigmentation, a large, blocky head, big bone structure and a lean build..As the German Shepherd is supposed to be a Jack of all Trades type working dog, maintaining moderate size is important. In addition to possessing proper size and overall athleticism, it is of utmost importance that working dogs be in excellent overall health and free of hip dysplasia and other diseases..In order to understand how the DDR German Shepherd came into existence, we have to go back to World War II and understand a little of the history of Germany. In , as World War II was coming to an end, the Allies occupied Berlin..What others are saying It’s a baby Maligator, awwwww! My little one is half German Shepherd and half Maligator. Belgian Mallinois, if you can’t have a JRT this is the next dog..Focused exclusivley on producing black red West German type German Shepherd dogs. We are located in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, as our name implies we only breed purebred West German Shepherds..Sireana old DDR lines = lbs, yes this was working weight. The show line females I had in the past were all much large in size than working lines because of the longer, but most still average almost the same in weight..We have questions all of the time about the height and weight of our dogs. We have added that information by each dog. So we thought maybe we should add the standards for height and weight of the German Shepherd dog From Schutzhund USA web page Size Weight Males Height at the wither cm to cm. Height cm is equal to inches. Height cm is equal to inches..

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